Will Power supporting foodbank FORK, update!

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Update! Liz, our Operations Director took part in this 20 hour charity relay at the weekend in the middle of the night!! to raise money for Richmond Foodbank charity FORK.

This is Liz at the start of the FORK relay at 3pm on Saturday

Will Power supporting foodbank FORK, update!

This is Liz at the finish of the FORK relay at 3am on Sunday

Will Power supporting foodbank FORK, update!

Make a donation to FORK

Will Power is proud to support Liz and this excellent organisation with a £1000 donation to FORK. If you would like to contribute to the £20,000 target please go to the FORK fundraising page and please share this with your friends, there’s still time to make a donation.

20 Hour Relay for FORK

10 teams are running a 20 hour relay in 2 x 1 hour legs around the Borough of Richmond’s streets.

It will be dark, it will be cold, it will be 03:00 (for some of them) and it will be December!

Starting 2pm on 5th December and ending 10am on 6th December to be exact.


FORK are raising funds for the children under-5 not covered by the free-school-meal scheme – £20,000 is the target! Hence the 20 hours.

Please help motivate Liz and fellow runners in those dark late hours by donating to this brilliant project.

FORK fundraising page.

Feed Richmond kids at Christmas

Dear friends and friends of friends,

We are still fighting child food poverty in Richmond!

Previous government schemes did not cover the under-fives at risk of food hunger. We have 400 of those little kids in the Borough! Richmond kids still need us!

Feed Our Richmond Kids is working in partnership with the Vineyard Community Richmond Food Bank and Richmond Council to support Our Richmond Kids at risk of food poverty. We are committed to doing that in the best way possible.

Whilst we all applaud Marcus Rashford’s campaign #endchildfoodpoverty and his efforts and yours have worked. We don’t yet know the details of the government plan.

So? If you have not yet donated, please do!

Help us to help all Our Richmond Kids this Christmas.

FORK fundraising page.

Will Power supporting foodbank FORK, update!