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We are one of the first generations to live in great numbers well into later life (find out why in our article How we doubled our Life Expectancy) and now is the time to think about how to stay fit and healthy in midlife and prepare for an active future.

How do we stay fit and healthy in midlife?

Around 7 million people participated in running in England in 2020, with over 6 million cycling and circa 4 million swimming. We’re an active nation. Exercise is good for us but often becomes more problematic in midlife.

Stay active every day

The NHS Live Well advice is to aim to be active every day, even if it’s light activity. Exercise just once or twice a week can help reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. (Always consult an appropriate health professional or qualified fitness expert before embarking on your plan to stay fit and healthy in midlife.)

Moderate exercise

It’s suggested that around 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is desirable. Moderate exercise includes a brisk walk, bike ride or other activity to raise your heart rate. Incorporating moderate exercise into your day-to-day routine makes it easier to achieve if it becomes a habit.

Vigorous activity

It’s recommended that 75 minutes of intensive activity such as running, swimming or a fast bike ride is highly beneficial. Booking a regular session, joining a club, or even meeting a friend and completing the activity together are good ways of keeping you motivated.

Strengthening activities

Yoga, Pilates, or even heavy gardening can help to strengthen your muscles and provide significant health benefits. If you don’t want to join a class, there are plenty of recorded or live online sessions you can join, or just get out there and dig the garden!


As we move from youth to midlife our flexibility decreases. Flexibility exercises are important to retain our mobility. There are very straightforward exercises we can incorporate into our day to day lives.


Another aspect of maintaining our physical health and mobility in midlife with an eye to the future is maintaining good balance. Simple balance and step exercises can work wonders. Just a few minutes each day and we will reap significant benefits in the future.


We must refer to the wonders of Parkrun for healthy living.

It’s free, friendly, inclusive, can be walked, and is also good for mental health through social contact.

Here is a fantastic example of how Trudy tried parkrun and has never looked back.

London Marathon

Will Power will be sponsoring someone to run the London Marathon for a worthwhile charity on Sunday 2nd October. Watch this space for more details, or if you have a specific charity you would like us to consider supporting, please drop us a line.

‘Mad fitness freak’

We couldn’t post a health and fitness blog without mentioning Liz Killip our MD who has been described as a ‘mad fitness freak’ and is a keen member of The Stragglers Running Club.

Liz regularly runs long distances in the mornings before starting work in the Will Power office, has participated in several marathons and is always happy to chat about sport and fitness.

Stay fit and healthy in midlife

Stay fit and healthy in midlife

Finding ways to stay fit and healthy in midlife can help to stave off illness and prolong our lives significantly.

We can’t influence our genes, but we can appreciably adapt our lifestyle.

Speak to Liz if you’d like more tips on health and fitness, or help with your Will or Probate.