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In September, Will Power participated in Remember a Charity week to help start conversations about charitable bequests and the importance of Will-writing.

It is an annual celebration of the impact and importance of gifts in Wills.

Throughout the Week, over 800 professional advisers across the UK were brought together, alongside charities and government, to inspire people across the country to consider including a charity in their Will once their loved ones are taken care of.

Why consider a charitable bequest

Has a charity helped you or someone you love?

Chances are that a charity will touch your life at some point – perhaps when you least expect it.

Whether it’s mental health support, saving lives at sea or rescuing abandoned animals, charities are fundamental in driving positive, lasting change.

You may wish to support a local community charity that has benefited you or a family member. We have close links with The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital, where gifts in Wills fund well over half of the Friends’ projects, so your legacy is more important to our community today than ever.

Large and small, Charities are there for us when we need it most. So, how can we ensure they can continue supporting future generations? One of the most profound ways to support charities long into the future is to leave them a gift in your Will.

Inheritance Tax Benefits of a Charitable Legacy

Saving Inheritance Tax will not be your driver to leave a legacy to charity; however, be aware that gifts left to charity on death may benefit from an exemption from inheritance tax or a reduced inheritance tax rate.

Want to know more about gifts in Wills?

Simply put, charities rely on gifts in Wills to continue their work. If a charity has touched your life or someone you care about, please consider saying thank you by leaving them a gift in your Will.

Will Power is proud to be part of Remember a Charity Week; next time you discuss your Will revisions with your Will Power consultant and have a favourite charity close to your heart, ask them about leaving a gift in your Will.

Extracts from Remember a Charity Week website.